Theory Behind The Method And The Methodology Of A Research Project

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3.0 Methodology
It has been stated by Van Manen (1990) that the methodology is the framework of any research, It is suggested that the methodology is the theory behind the method and the methodology aids the researcher in deciding upon a research method. 3.1 Research Philosophy
Easterby-Smith et al. (1997) highlights the importance of the physiological issues when designing a research project as it could affect the overall quality of the work. Three reasons of the importance of research philosophy have been identified with regards to research design; the first being to aid the researcher in clarifying the methodology, secondly to enable the researcher to choose the most appropriate approach and strategy to take for their specific project, and finally, to assist the researcher in recognising and developing innovative research deigns (Easterby-Smith et al., 1997).
Ontology refers to the nature of the existence of knowledge (Symon and Cassell, 2012), suggests, ontology refers to by what means an individual views, perceives and interprets the world around them (Grix, 2001). An individual’s ontological position is a personal, unique entity that has been said to be difficult if not impossible to challenge within research (Grix, 2001). The study will incorporate the details of individual’s perceptions creating a realism approach. How an individual perceives and understands the world is connected to how they obtain the knowledge, this is known to be epistemology.
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