Virgin 's Current Products And Services

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Products and services Virgin’s current products and services range consists of telephone, soft drinks, trains, planes, broadband, directory inquiries, television packages, and many others. The time that it takes a product to be released, can effect greatly the overall success of the launch and consequently to the product itself. Nonetheless, Virgin products’ demand remains pretty much continuous throughout the year and that makes their competitors’ actions the main factor that they are dictating their product’s launching time. Because Virgin wants the launch to be successful, they make their promotional material be released at the right time to increase awareness and raise the product’s demand. As Virgin wants to enter the broadband market, is using various promotional ways to increase the consumer’s awareness on a mass scale so that their objective of increasing the number of sales can be achieved. One of these promotional ways that Virgin are using to show the quality of their broadband, is by highlighting the adaptability of the service by showing three very different internet users that are using the broadband in an incredibly positive way. The message guarantees that the consumers know that the product has numerous applications which are fit for a number of different purposes. Moreover, they have designed their broadband HUB in such a way that it appears stylish and sleek, to highlight its fast speed and technological developments that were made. By developing their
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