What Are The Consequences Of Adventure Tourism

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To what extent does the adventure tourism influence the benefits and consequences of economic, environmental conditions and culture?

Adventure tourism is a type of tourism that involves the travelers to explore or travel to an exotic area for an activity. Adventure tourism has both consequences and benefits; however, the consequences are provided more evident because it affects the environment and culture. At the same time, it is directly related to the risk of the benefit of the economy. This essay will explain adventure tourism in a general way and prove the economy of it from around the world. Moreover, the essay will discuss the effect of the environment in adventure tourism from developed and developing countries. There is …show more content…

The positive impact of the culture is that we can make the guests learn and appreciate more about tradition with events and make people exchange culture with the local communities. For instance, “the Brazilian Turtle Conservation Program (TAMAR). When it opened in 1982, few tourist were visiting and it had 500 turtles, but by 2008, there was an impressive growth in the number of tourists: 600000 each year, and this apparently led to a population” (Stronza & Pegas, 2008, 270-271). In other words, experience tourism helps to preserve the local culture and communities, as they become a tourist attraction. Additionally, the rural and the backward areas will learn the modern culture, their practices of modern society that will help them to come out of their traditional religious beliefs, morals and important values. (Scientific Review of Physical Culture, 2015, 4). People come from all around the world to the same country with different culture, they won’t really care about it if their surroundings are clean. Hence, the foreign traveler increased the economy in the local area because of the visit made by the increasing number of guests that arrived at the country for the purpose of learning essential culture and traditions of a developed and developing the

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