What Makes A Leader?

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Leadership is a word that is portrayed uniquely by each individual who demonstrates it. It is molded by a person’s morals and ideals of who a leader should be, and it is this versatility of the word that makes it so exclusive. My idea of a leader has always been extravagant, brilliant human beings who seemed to be miraculously gifted, something that someone so minuscule like me could never dream of achieving. Looking back, I regret having that assumption for I believe everyone has that ability inside them. I do feel as though some people radiate leadership while others have to dig deep to uproot it, but I sincerely believe it is inside every single one of us. Although the complexity of what it means to be a leader is something I will never fully grasp, through my knowledge and experience I have come up with a self-created definition which helps me with my understanding. I had the opportunity to take leadership test which was based on a series of questions, and the results had a much different set of definitions of leadership then I have. This got me thinking; what kind of leader am I? What qualities do I possess or need to possess to make me worthy of being followed? The results of my analysis of these questions were rather enlightening
The leadership test I took revealed that I am considered to have a “line leadership” mindset. This mindset is described as someone who is customer and market directed, hands on and gets desired results quickly. According to the test my

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