Why Leadership Now

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Chapter 1 - leadership why now?

1. Leadership Transition:
Due to the leadership challenges there is a widespread call not just for leadership, but a new kind of leadership. A transformational leadership. For half a century leadership studies have focused on leadership as an "exchange process," a transactional relationship which promises rewards to followers in exchange for performance.
This type of leadership has to give way to a higher order of change to - leading edge leadership. Bernard Bass characterized transformational leadership as a kind of motivation which raises consciousness of people about what they want. A transformational leader motivates us to do more than we expect to do, by raising our awareness of different values,
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Like athletes and artists who have a natural talent, it still has to be backed by hard work and dedication so it think that leaders are made.
I think my intelligence, determination and personality has definitely caused me to edge ahead and become successful as a leader.
Yes, I feel that I need to communicate my vision in a more meaningful way. I don't want to cause a leadership gap in leadership by not identifying and raising up potential leaders timeously.
I would like to lead by example, instead of waiting on others start to initiate ideas and show more consideration.

5. The position which the leader holds, the person the leader is and the process that the leader employs.

6. These are leaders that use vision, communication, trust and empowerment, these leaders know how to deploy themselves through a positive self-regard, leaders who know their worth, their strengths and weaknesses, where they fit and where they don't, because of this inner security they are able to free others to give their best.

Characteristic of an empowering leader:
- they get attention through vision
- they are more concerned with doing the right things.
- they bring meaning through communication.
- trust through taking a clear committed stance
- they know how to deploy themselves through a positive regard

characteristics of a dictorial leader
- all decision-making and power is theirs
- they concentrate on
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