Essay about business studies Unit 2 Assignment 1

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P1 - describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation
P2 - describe the main employability and personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role
M1 - analyse the recruitment documentation of a selected organisation

You are to produce a guide for applicants on the recruitment documentation used within a selected organisation (Duffryn High School). The guide should use a specified job role as an example and describe the recruitment documentation and the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for the specified job role.

Task 1 (P1)

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An example of a job description used by Duffryn High School is appendix one.

The strengths of this document are that a Job Description is that it enables us to compare potential candidates to it, helping with the selection process and allows possible candidates of compare themselves with the job. Also, it allows candidates to know the relevant information needed about what the job involves and the responsibilities they will have. The documentation could be improved by the fact that you can lose an ideal candidate for another type of job, and the new employee can’t carry out a particular task mentioned In the Job Description. In conclusion, a job description would be used as a good method to help a potential employee to identify and understand what the job is and to understand the necessary information about the specific job that they are offering. In conclusion, a job description is important for candidates because a job description helps potential candidates to prepare for their interview.

Personal Specification

A ‘Personal Specification’ is when an employee is looking for a person with certain skills that the employer may be looking for such as the employer may want the employee to have qualifications. The personal specification outlines the educational qualifications, experience and knowledge/skills a potential applicant is required to have in order to complete a job. These

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