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BTEC National Level 3 Travel and Tourism 2010


Unit 13: Tour Operations

Unit 13 Tour Operations

Unit 13 Overview

10 Credits

Tour operators play a very important role in travel and tourism, by arranging the package holidays that are such an important feature of life in the 21st century. Tour operators are at the forefront of today’s travel and tourism sector, seeking out new destinations and holiday experiences to satisfy the ever-changing needs and expectations of travellers. They work in partnership with airlines, hoteliers, car hire companies and a variety of other travel service suppliers to package their holiday products. Tour operators sell holidays through travel agents and direct to the public,
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– see textbook pages 38-44
Tour operators work in partnership with many travel and tourism companies and organisations when developing and selling their holidays. Complete the following chart with details of the main ways in which tour operators work with travel agents, accommodation providers, ancillary service providers, surface transport operators, tourist attractions, airlines and regulatory bodies.

Travel and tourism industry
Travel agents

Links with tour operators

Hotels and other accommodation providers Ancillary service providers

Surface transport operators (e.g. coach companies, taxi firms)

Tourist attractions


Regulatory bodies

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BTEC National Level 3 Travel and Tourism 2010

Unit 13: Tour Operations

Activity CD13.3 – The Legal Framework of Tour
Need help with this? – see textbook pages 44-47
Match up the correct description to each of the examples of tour operations legislation listed in the table below. For example, if you think that contract

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