marketing plan of a tourism company

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Marketing and Sales Management MBA 750 Green Meadows Travel and Tourism < Marketing Plan> Dr. Mamoun Akroush 1- Executive Summary and brief history Green Meadows Travel & Tourism founded in 1995 under the ownership of Naori Group, it is a multiple function company offering a wide range of travel and tourism related services using two different business modules; by which it provides services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, hotels, and package tours. In addition, they use their vast inventory of travel products to supply other travel agencies, tour operators and other travel businesses and to power B2C & B2B websites. Green Meadows Travel & Tourism locates in…show more content…
2.1.1 Market segmentation and the target market Since most of Green Meadowss’ sales come up from the wholesaling function, they are mainly targeting the agencies that they already represent such as hotels, airline and car rental agencies. In addition, the Company is also targeting end users such as honeymooners and luxury cruise ships’ lovers by dedicating a special department for custom-designing packages that suit all of their clients’ wishes. 2.1.2 Market Demographics and Geographic: Since Green Meadowss serves as a sales agent for many international and regional travel airlines, so it is targeting passengers from all over the world and especially Passengers from the MENA Region in which it is actually operating, while 30% of its sales are in Jordan, so they are targeting areas covering most of Jordan from North to South. In addition, it is targeting people from different ages and various income levels. 2.1.3 Psychographic: Green Meadows meets the different customer’s lifestyles, tastes and wishes in offering customized trips depending on the customer wants, needs and demands and on their levels of income. 2.1.4 Consumer Behavioral factors: Due to the difficult economic situation that people are facing these days, customer’s income has a major factor in determining their consumption behaviours. In addition, Globalization and each customer taste
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