Single Variable Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, Enhanced Edition - 4th Edition - by James Stewart - ISBN 9781337687805

Single Variable Calculus: Concepts and ...
4th Edition
James Stewart
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337687805

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Chapter 2.1 - The Tangent And Velocity ProblemsChapter 2.2 - The Limit Of A FunctionChapter 2.3 - Calculating Limits Using The Limit LawsChapter 2.4 - ContinuityChapter 2.5 - Limits Involving InfinityChapter 2.6 - Derivatives And Rates Of ChangeChapter 2.7 - The Derivative As A FunctionChapter 2.8 - What Does F Say About F ?Chapter 3 - Differentiation RulesChapter 3.1 - Derivatives Of Polynomials And Exponential FunctionsChapter 3.2 - The Product And Quotient RulesChapter 3.3 - Derivatives Of Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 3.4 - The Chain RuleChapter 3.5 - Implicit DifferentiationChapter 3.6 - Inverse Trigonometric Functins And Their DerivativesChapter 3.7 - Derivatives Of Logarithmic FunctionsChapter 3.8 - Rates Of Change In The Natural And Social SciencesChapter 3.9 - Linear Approximations And DifferentialsChapter 4 - Applications Of DifferentiationChapter 4.1 - Related RatesChapter 4.2 - Maximum And Minimum ValuesChapter 4.3 - Derivatives And The Shape Of CurvesChapter 4.4 - Graphing With Calculus And CalculatorsChapter 4.5 - Indeterminate Forms And L'hospital's RuleChapter 4.6 - Optimization ProblemsChapter 4.7 - Newton's MethodChapter 4.8 - AntiderivativesChapter 5 - IntegralsChapter 5.1 - Areas And DistancesChapter 5.2 - The Definite IntegralChapter 5.3 - Evaluating Definite IntegralsChapter 5.4 - The Fundamental Theorem Of CalculusChapter 5.5 - The Substitution RuleChapter 5.6 - Integration By PartsChapter 5.7 - Additional Techniques Of IntegrationChapter 5.8 - Integration Using Tables And Computer Algebra SystemsChapter 5.9 - Approximate IntegrationChapter 5.10 - Improper IntegralsChapter 6 - Applications Of IntegrationChapter 6.1 - More About AreasChapter 6.2 - VolumesChapter 6.3 - Volumes By Cylindrical ShellsChapter 6.4 - Arc LengthChapter 6.5 - Average Value Of A FunctionChapter 6.6 - Applications To Physics And EngineeringChapter 6.7 - Applications To Economics And BiologyChapter 6.8 - ProbabilityChapter 7 - Differential EquationsChapter 7.1 - Modeling With Differential EquationsChapter 7.2 - Direction Fields And Euler's MethodChapter 7.3 - Separable EquationsChapter 7.4 - Exponential Growth And DecayChapter 7.5 - The Logistic EquationChapter 7.6 - Predator-prey SystemsChapter 8 - Infinite Sequences And SeriesChapter 8.1 - SequencesChapter 8.2 - SeriesChapter 8.3 - The Integral And Comparison Test: Estimating SumsChapter 8.4 - Other Convergence TestsChapter 8.5 - Power SeriesChapter 8.6 - Representations Of Functions As Power SeriesChapter 8.7 - Taylor And Maclaurin SeriesChapter 8.8 - Applications Of Taylor PolynomialsChapter A - Intervals, Inequalities, And Absolute ValuesChapter B - Coordinate GeometryChapter C - TrigonometryChapter D - Precise Definitions Of LimitsChapter F - Sigma NotationChapter G - Integration Of Rational Functions By Partial FractionsChapter H.1 - Curves In Polar CoordinatesChapter H.2 - Areas And Lengths In Polar CoordinatesChapter I - Complex Numbers

Book Details

Stewart's SINGLE VARIABLE CALCULUS: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXTS, ENHANCED EDITION, 4th Edition, offers a streamlined approach to teaching calculus, focusing on major concepts and supporting those with precise definitions, patient explanations, and carefully graded problems. SINGLE VARIABLE CALCULUS: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXTS is highly regarded because this text offers a balance of theory and conceptual work to satisfy more progressive programs as well as those who are more comfortable teaching in a more traditional fashion. Each title is just one component in a comprehensive calculus course program that carefully integrates and coordinates print, media, and technology products for successful teaching and learning.

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