Statistics Through Applications - 2nd Edition - by Daren S. Starnes, David Moore, Dan Yates - ISBN 9781429219747
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Statistics Through Applications
2nd Edition
Daren S. Starnes, David Moore, Dan Yates
Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education
ISBN: 9781429219747

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Statistics Through Applications (STA) is the only text written specifically for high school statistics course. Designed to be read, the book takes a data analysis approach that emphasizes conceptual understanding over computation, while recognizing that some computation is necessary. The focus is on the statistical thinking behind data gathering and interpretation. The high school statistics course is often the first applied math course students take. STA engages students in learning how statisticians contribute to our understanding of the world and helps students to become more discerning consumers of the statistics they encounter in ads, economic reports, political campaigns, and elsewhere. New and improved! STA 2e features expanded coverage of probability, a reorganized presentation of data analysis, a new color design and much more.

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