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30  A DNA sequence encoding a five-amino acid polypeptide is given below.



c) Give the polypeptide sequence, and identify the N-terminus and C-terminus.


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Step 1

Protein molecules are those molecules that are made up of chains amino acids in a specific order. This chain is known as an amino acid or polypeptide sequence. For the formation of proteins, body undergoes a series of protein synthesis.

Step 2


Although, in this strand ATG (AUG in mRNA) is present. But it has a TAA codon which is UAA (in mRNA). It is a stop codon.

So, the other following strand is the coding strand.




The coding sequence would be - ATGGTACGGTCTGAT

It has a stop codon TAG.

Step 3

The mRNA sequence and its polarity is as follows:


Thus, the five amino acid sequence are –

Methionine -Valine –Arginine- Serine-Aspartic acid



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