Consider the following data on 20 chemical reactions, with Y = chromatographic retention time (seconds) and X = molecular weight (gm/mole). Retention Time and Molecular Weight (n = 20)NameRetentionTimeMolecular Weightalpha-pinene 234.50  136.24 cyclopentene 95.27  68.12 p-diethyl benzene 284.00  134.22 decane 250.60  142.29 toluene 174.00  92.14 benzene 135.70  78.11 2-methyl pentane 97.24  86.18 2,3 dimethylbutane 100.70  86.18 1,7-octadiene 172.20  110.20 1,2,4-trimethyl benzene 262.70  120.19 2,3,4-trimethyl pentane 160.98  114.23 ethylcyclohexane 195.07  112.22 limonene 271.50  136.24 methyl cyclohexane 153.57  98.19 m-diethyl benzene 281.50  134.22 2,3-dimethyl pentane 131.83  100.20 2,2-dimethyl butane 89.34  86.18 pentane 78.00  72.15 isooctane 136.90  114.23 hexane 106.00  86.18     Click here for the Excel Data File (a) Write the fitted regression equation. (Round your answers to 4 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.)  yˆy^ =  Not attemptedX + Not attempted (b) Calculate R2. (Round your answer to 4 decimal places.)  R2            Not attempted

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Consider the following data on 20 chemical reactions, with Y = chromatographic retention time (seconds) and X = molecular weight (gm/mole).


Retention Time and Molecular Weight (n = 20)

Name Retention
Molecular Weight
alpha-pinene   234.50     136.24  
cyclopentene   95.27     68.12  
p-diethyl benzene   284.00     134.22  
decane   250.60     142.29  
toluene   174.00     92.14  
benzene   135.70     78.11  
2-methyl pentane   97.24     86.18  
2,3 dimethylbutane   100.70     86.18  
1,7-octadiene   172.20     110.20  
1,2,4-trimethyl benzene   262.70     120.19  
2,3,4-trimethyl pentane   160.98     114.23  
ethylcyclohexane   195.07     112.22  
limonene   271.50     136.24  
methyl cyclohexane   153.57     98.19  
m-diethyl benzene   281.50     134.22  
2,3-dimethyl pentane   131.83     100.20  
2,2-dimethyl butane   89.34     86.18  
pentane   78.00     72.15  
isooctane   136.90     114.23  
hexane   106.00     86.18  


 Click here for the Excel Data File
(a) Write the fitted regression equation. (Round your answers to 4 decimal places. A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign.)
yˆy^ =  Not attemptedX + Not attempted
(b) Calculate R2(Round your answer to 4 decimal places.)
R2            Not attempted



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Step 1
  1. a) Line of best of the data:

The line that best fits the data is least-squares regression line.

The procedure to draw scatterplot with fitted line using EXCEL is as follows.

  • Select the data molecular weight (x) and retention time(y).
  • Go to Insert.
  • Select Scatter under Charts.
  • Right click on the obtained chart and select add trend line, check linear, Display Equation on chart, and Display R-squared value on chart.


Step 2

The scatter diagram with fitted line for the data that is obtained using EXCEL is as follows:

Statistics homework question answer, step 2, image 1


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