Data structures and algorithms in C++
Data structures and algorithms in C++
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780470460443
Author: Goodrich
Publisher: WILEY
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Chapter 1, Problem 1R
Program Plan Intro

The variables:

  • The variable is a named location in a memory. In this location the program can manipulate the data.
  • This location holds the value of the variable.
  • The value of the variable gets changed in the program.
  • The C++ variable can be any type like “int”, “float”, “char” and so on.

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Rules for naming the C++ variable:

  • The name of the variable must begin with a letter or underscore.
  • The name of the variables is case sensitive.
  • The name of the variable can be constructed with digits and letters.
  • Special symbols other than underscore are not allowed in the variable name.
  • Valid variable names are, “i_think_i_am_valid”, “i_may_have_2_many_digits_2_be_valid”, “_I_start_and_end_with_underscores_”, “I_AM_LONG_AND_HAVE_NO_LOWER_CASE LETTERS”
  • Example for invalid variable name is “I_Have_A_Dollar_$ign”. This is invalid because the name contains the special character “$”.

From the given set of variable names, the invalid variable name is “I_Have_A_Dollar_$ign”. Hence the correct option is “d”.

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Data structures and algorithms in C++

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