Mechanics of Materials
Mechanics of Materials
11th Edition
ISBN: 9780137605460
Author: Russell C. Hibbeler
Publisher: Pearson Education (US)


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Chapter 10.3, Problem 1P

Prove that the sum of the normal strains in perpendicular directions is constant, i.e., εx + εy = εx' + εy'.

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The state of plane strain on an element is represented by the following components: Ex =D340 x 10-6, ɛ, = , yxy Ey =D110 x 10-6, 3D180 x10-6 ху Draw Mohr's circle to represent this state of strain. Use Mohrs circle to obtain the principal strains and principal plane.
1. A loading causes the member to deform into the dashed shape. Explain how to determine the normal strains ɛcd and ɛAB. The displacement A and the lettered dimensions are known. B L. L/2 A 2 L (а) L. B L/2 A 2 L (b)
The strain components e x, e y, and γ xy are given for a point in a body subjected to plane strain. Using Mohr’s circle, determine the principal strains, the maximum in-plane shear strain, and the absolute maximum shear strain at the point. Show the angle θ p, the principal strain deformations, and the maximum in-plane shear strain distortion in a sketch.   Ex Ey Yxy −1,570  με  -430με -950 μrad

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Mechanics of Materials

Ch. 10.5 - Determine (a) the principal strains at A, (b) the...Ch. 10.6 - For the case of plane stress, show that Hookes law...Ch. 10.6 - to develop the strain tranformation equations....Ch. 10.6 - Determine the associated principal stresses at the...Ch. 10.6 - Determine the applied load P. What is the shear...Ch. 10.6 - If a load of P = 3 kip is applied to the A-36...Ch. 10.7 - A material is subjected to plane stress. Express...Ch. 10.7 - A material is subjected to plane stress. Express...Ch. 10.7 - Solve Prob. 1061 using the maximum distortion...Ch. 10.7 - Solve Prob.1063 using the maximum distortion...Ch. 10.7 - Prob. 70PCh. 10.7 - The plate is made of Tobin bronze, which yields at...Ch. 10.7 - If a machine part is made of titanium (TI-6A1-4V)...Ch. 10.7 - The components of plane stress at a critical point...Ch. 10.7 - If Y = 50 ksi, determine the factor of safety for...Ch. 10.7 - Prob. 82PCh. 10.7 - If the yield stress for steel is Y = 36 ksi,...Ch. 10.7 - Prob. 84PCh. 10.7 - The state of stress acting at a critical point on...Ch. 10.7 - The shaft consists of a solid segment AB and a...Ch. 10 - In the case of plane stress, where the in-plane...Ch. 10 - The plate is made of material having a modulus of...Ch. 10 - If the material is machine steel having a yield...Ch. 10 - Determine if yielding has occurred on the basis of...Ch. 10 - The 60 strain rosette is mounted on a beam. The...Ch. 10 - Use the strain transformation equations to...Ch. 10 - If the strain gages a and b at points give...Ch. 10 - Use the strain-transformation equations and...Ch. 10 - Use the strain transformation equations to...Ch. 10 - Specify the orientation of the corresponding...

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