Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458

Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458


Chapter 12, Problem 1.2E
Textbook Problem

If you were to interview a candidate for a technology-related position, what types of questions would you ask?

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Chapter 12 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 12 - A(n) _____ system is an information system that...Ch. 12 - Define the components of information literacy....Ch. 12 - List guidelines for setting up your home office...Ch. 12 - List and describe the areas typically found in an...Ch. 12 - Describe the technology equipment field, and list...Ch. 12 - Explain different types of companies in the...Ch. 12 - Explain security issues that arise when using...Ch. 12 - Describe the technology service and repair field....Ch. 12 - Explain the issues surrounding data recovery and...Ch. 12 - List criteria needed to be a technology...Ch. 12 - Explain how to evaluate extended warranty options...Ch. 12 - Describe the role of a corporate trainer.Ch. 12 - Explain the responsibilities and educational...Ch. 12 - Define the roles an IT consultant might fulfill.Ch. 12 - Explain issues surrounding outsourcing and...Ch. 12 - List requirements and available careers for the...Ch. 12 - Describe three approaches to developing mobile...Ch. 12 - Explain how and why an employee or employer might...Ch. 12 - Describe the benefits of obtaining an application...Ch. 12 - Explain the focus of a data analysis...Ch. 12 - Explain why an employee might obtain an advanced...Ch. 12 - List jobs that may require, or jobholders who may...Ch. 12 - Explain the expertise necessary to achieve a...Ch. 12 - List options that are available for operating...Ch. 12 - List jobs that require, or jobholders who may...Ch. 12 - Explain security issues surrounding jailbreaking...Ch. 12 - List examples of programmer/developer...Ch. 12 - Explain what is measured by obtaining a security...Ch. 12 - Describe how security breaches of customer data...Ch. 12 - List jobs that may require, or jobholders who may...Ch. 12 - List steps to start your job search online.Ch. 12 - Explain how a job seeker might use a career...Ch. 12 - List strategies to create a professional online...Ch. 12 - Explain how social media can help your job search.Ch. 12 - List step to create a professional presence on...Ch. 12 - Accessible information has meaning to the person...Ch. 12 - A typical enterprise consists of a wide variety of...Ch. 12 - CMSs are popular in large part because of their...Ch. 12 - In most circumstances, the licensed software owner...Ch. 12 - It is good practice to back up and wipe all data...Ch. 12 - With third-party extended warranties, it is easier...Ch. 12 - Educational requirements for help desk specialists...Ch. 12 - Apps developed for a specific mobile platform or...Ch. 12 - Like native apps, hybrid apps are developed for...Ch. 12 - Most professionals have the experience and skill...Ch. 12 - Data analysis certifications focus on the...Ch. 12 - Employers often use social media to determine if a...Ch. 12 - _____ information is arranged to suit the needs of...Ch. 12 - A(n) _____ allows for storage and management of a...Ch. 12 - With _____, the computer processes each...Ch. 12 - A(n) _____ report consolidates data usually with...Ch. 12 - In an expert system, the _____ is the combined...Ch. 12 - Which of the following skills is not necessary for...Ch. 12 - A(n) _____ is written for mobile devices running a...Ch. 12 - If you are interested in developing applications,...Ch. 12 - MRP a. processing system in which the computer...Ch. 12 - CRM a. processing system in which the computer...Ch. 12 - ERP a. processing system in which the computer...Ch. 12 - OLTP a. processing system in which the computer...Ch. 12 - artificial intelligence a. processing system in...Ch. 12 - inference rules a. processing system in which the...Ch. 12 - hybrid app a. processing system in which the...Ch. 12 - A+ a. processing system in which the computer...Ch. 12 - jailbreaking a. processing system in which the...Ch. 12 - Project Management Professional (574) a....Ch. 12 - What elements are contained in an information...Ch. 12 - What are the qualities of valuable information?Ch. 12 - What are some common information systems used by...Ch. 12 - What are some advantages of ERP?Ch. 12 - In addition to documents, what other items can be...Ch. 12 - What factors make CMSs so popular?Ch. 12 - Who assesses CMS vulnerabilities?Ch. 12 - How does batch processing differ from online...Ch. 12 - How do detailed reports, summary reports, and...Ch. 12 - What are some examples of internal and external...Ch. 12 - How do enterprises use expert systems?Ch. 12 - What are some capabilities of artificial...Ch. 12 - What are the five categories recognized as...Ch. 12 - What are the benefits of telecommuting?Ch. 12 - What are some responsibilities of IT staff?Ch. 12 - What careers are available in the technology...Ch. 12 - Under what circumstances is software considered...Ch. 12 - What individuals might be best suited for a career...Ch. 12 - How might your information be compromised if a...Ch. 12 - What skills must an IT consultant have?Ch. 12 - What are some disadvantages of offshoring?Ch. 12 - What knowledge is required to work in a technology...Ch. 12 - What are some typical rules and conditions...Ch. 12 - What are the drawbacks of hybrid apps?Ch. 12 - What options are available to help you prepare for...Ch. 12 - What is meant by the term, rooting?Ch. 12 - What issues does jailbreaking cause?Ch. 12 - What tools can help you search for a job?Ch. 12 - Keywords for Job Search After taking your third...Ch. 12 - Online Job Search Having decided to work in the...Ch. 12 - Documenting Education and Experience You are...Ch. 12 - Contemplating a Job Offer After graduating from...Ch. 12 - Appropriate Certification Because you hope to...Ch. 12 - Staying Current with Technology Having accepted a...Ch. 12 - Outsourcing IT Positions As the chief information...Ch. 12 - Conducting an Interview You are preparing to...Ch. 12 - Tough Decision Two top candidates who applied for...Ch. 12 - Training Decision Your boss has allocated money to...Ch. 12 - Technology in Architecture and Design As a student...Ch. 12 - Think about the last time you were involved in an...Ch. 12 - If you were to interview a candidate for a...Ch. 12 - What advantages do open-ended questions have? When...Ch. 12 - What type of information would you include in your...Ch. 12 - Compare and contrast three programs or apps that...Ch. 12 - What are at least three reasons you might need to...Ch. 12 - Compare and contrast at least three online tools...Ch. 12 - Careers and Employment It is a good idea to...Ch. 12 - Social Media Companies have created policies that...Ch. 12 - Security Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter...Ch. 12 - Cloud Services Enterprise Software Apps Many...Ch. 12 - Offshoring and Outsourcing The consulting company...Ch. 12 - Case Study Amateur Sports League You are the new...Ch. 12 - Job Search You work in the human resources...

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