Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695



Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695
Textbook Problem

Why is it important to make sure that an FCA welding system is set up properly if out-of-position welds are going to be made?

To determine

The necessity of setting FCA properly.


FCA involves ultraviolet light and sparks in its operation. Its major function is to produce welds of high-quality. Slag and welding fumes are generated while running FCA welding. So, proper safety measures should be taken by the welders during FCA welding.

Flux Cored Arc Welding produces good quality welds. Welders are successful in making quality welds by positioning the base metal in flat position. Welding in vertical and overhead position have always chance of developing welds with discontinuities. To overcome the defects like porosity, improper fusion of weld metals and overlapping occur if the FCA is not set-up correctly. If FCA set-up is not according to manufacturers recommendation, the defects like undercut, overfill and slag inclusion may occur. Thus, affecting the quality of the weld. For parent metal present in out-weld position, it is difficult to operate, if there is any error in FCA setup.

Welding: Principles and Applications (MindTap Course List), Chapter 13, Problem 1R

Fig:1- Sketch of FCA T-joint

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