Essentials Of Statistics

4th Edition
HEALEY + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781305093836

Essentials Of Statistics

4th Edition
HEALEY + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781305093836


Chapter 2, Problem 2.3P
Textbook Problem

CJ The town of Shinbone, Kansas, has a population of 211,732 and experienced 47 bank robberies, 13 murders, and 23 auto thefts during the past year. Compute a rate for each type of crime per 100,000 populations. (HINT: Make sure that you set up the fraction with size of population in the denominator.)

Expert Solution
To determine

To Compute:

The rate for bank robberies, murders, and auto thefts per 100, 000 populations.

Explanation of Solution


A rate is defined as the number of actual occurrences of a phenomenon divided by the number of possible occurrences per some unit of time.

Bank robberies = Number of bank  robberiesTotal population *100,000.

Therefore, Bank robberies = (47211,732)*100,000=0.000222*100,000=22.20.

Murders = Number of murdersTotal population *100,000

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