Control Systems Engineering
Control Systems Engineering
7th Edition
ISBN: 9781118170519
Author: Norman S. Nise
Publisher: WILEY


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Chapter 3, Problem 1RQ
To determine

Two reasons for modelling system in state space.

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To analyse the system, a mathematical model is needed. A mathematical model is defined as a model which describes the system with the help of mathematical concepts and language. There are various types of mathematical models. For analysis of linear system, transfer function model is used. But a nonlinear system cannot be analysed using the Laplace transform only. So, state space model is used for such cases. State-space model consists of set of input, output as well as state variables that are related to each other using first-order differential equation.

The two main reasons for using state-space model are:

  1. To analyse non-linear system.
  2. To do digital simulation.

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Chapter 3 Solutions

Control Systems Engineering

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