Biology: The Unity and Diversity o...

15th Edition
Cecie Starr + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337408332



Biology: The Unity and Diversity o...

15th Edition
Cecie Starr + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337408332
Textbook Problem

Match each item with its description.

____ gray matter a. fatty insulating material
____ neurotransmitter b. connects the hemispheres
____ pons c. protects brain and spinal cord from .some toxins
____ corpus callosum d. type of signaling molecule
____ cerebral cortex e. allows spoken language
____ myelin f. brain stem structure
____ Broca’s area g. controls language, reasoning
____ blood-brain barrier h. cell bodies and dendrites

Summary Introduction

To match: The terms with its description.


Gray matter - h. cell bodies and dendrites

Gray matter is pinkish gray tissue that includes neuronal cell bodies, dendrites, axon terminals, and glial cells. All synapses of the central nervous system are within the gray matter.

Neurotransmitter - d. type of signaling molecule

Neurotransmitter is the signaling molecules that help in communication between neurons. It is released by the axon terminals. There are many neurotransmitter molecules such as serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and acetylcholine.

Ponsf. brain stem structure

The pons, medulla, and midbrain are referred as brain stem. It is a part of the hindbrain that influences breathing and serves as a functional bridge to the adjacent midbrain.

Corpus callosum - b. connects the hemispheres

Cerebrum is the largest area of forebrain. It is involved in receiving sensory signals, integrates information, and initiates involuntary actions. A fissure called corpus callosum divides the cerebrum into right and left hemispheres and relays signals between the two hemispheres.

Cerebral cortex - g. controls language, reasoning

Cerebral cortex is the outermost portion of the cerebrum. It is folded that allows expansion of gray matter with a minimum increase in brain volume...

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