Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Binder Ready Version
Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Binder Ready Version
4th Edition
ISBN: 9781118431221
Author: Richard M. Felder, Ronald W. Rousseau, Lisa G. Bullard
Publisher: WILEY

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Chapter 5, Problem 5.23P

Spray drying is a process in which a liquid containing dissolved or suspended solids is injected into a chamber through a spray nozzle or centrifugal disk atomizer. The resulting mist is contacted with hot air, which evaporates most or all of the liquid, leaving the dried solids to fall to a conveyor belt at the bottom of the chamber.

Chapter 5, Problem 5.23P, Spray drying is a process in which a liquid containing dissolved or suspended solids is injected

Powdered milk is produced in a spray dryer 6 m in diameter by 6 m high. Air enters at 167°C and −40 cm H2O. The milk fed to the atomizer contains 70% water by mass, all of which evaporates. The outlet gas contains 12 mole% water and leaves the chamber at 83°C and 1 atm (absolute) at a rate of 311 m3/min.

(a) Calculate the production rate of dried milk and the volumetric ?ow rate of the inlet air. Estimate the upward velocity of air (m/s) at the bottom of the dryer.

(b) Engineers often face the challenge of what to do to a process when demand fora product increases (or decreases). Suppose in the present case production must be doubled. (i) Why is it unlikely that the ?ow rates of feed and air can simply be increased to achieve the new production rate? (ii) An obvious option is to buy another dryer like the existing one and operate the two in parallel. Give two advantages and two disadvantages of this option. (m) Still another possibility is to buy a larger dryer to replace the original unit. Give two advantages and two disadvantages of doing so. Estimate the approximate dimensions of the larger unit.

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Chapter 5 Solutions

Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Binder Ready Version

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