College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
Publisher: OpenStax College
ISBN: 9781938168000



College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
Publisher: OpenStax College
ISBN: 9781938168000
Chapter 7, Problem 8CQ
Textbook Problem

Does the work you do on a book when you lift it onto a shelf depend on the path taken? On the time taken? On the height of the shelf? On the mass of the book?

To determine

Whether the work done on a book when it is lifted onto a shelf depends on the path taken, on the time taken, on the height of the shelf or on the mass of the book.

Explanation of Solution


Work is done on an object whenever there is a displacement of the point of application in the direction of the force acting on the object. Work is closely related to energy. When an object moves under the action of gravity to a certain height from its initial position, the work done on the object is stored in the form of potential energy.

The work done by a constant force on an object that moves a displacement in the direction of force is given as,


Here, W is the work done, F is the force acting on the object and s is the displacement.

The work done by the conservative gravitational force on an object that displaces an object to a certain height is stored in the form of potentials energy which is given as,

Wg=P.E.=mg(h2h1) ......(1)

Here, Wg is the work done by gravity, P

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