HUMAN ANATOMY - 6th Edition - by SALADIN - ISBN 9781260210262
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6th Edition
Publisher: RENT MCG
ISBN: 9781260210262

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Myology is the study of the anatomy, actions and pathology of muscular system. The muscular system,...A muscular structure contains connective tissue that is present from the smallest to largest and...Pectoralis minor along with serratus anterior moves scapula laterally and forward around the chest...In the human body, there are two mechanisms that maintain internal communication and coordination,...The spinal cord can be defined as the cylindrical bundle of the nerve fibers and connected tissue....The brain, which is a part of the central nervous system of a vertebrate, has changed a lot during...The autonomic nervous system: It is also known as ANS. It is previously known as the vegetative...A sensory receptor refers to the structure that is specialized in detecting a particular stimulus....The hormones are substances produced in the organism that are carried by the blood and lymph....The components of the circulatory system are heart, blood vessels, and blood. These components are...The cardiovascular system related to the heart circulatory system includes two circulatory systems....Arteries are defined as the efferent vessels of the cardiovascular system that carry blood from the...The lymphatic system comprises of the following components: Lymph: A fluid similar to blood plasma...The functions of the respiratory system are as follows: Respiratory system act as a system that...The main functions of digestive system are processing food, extracting nutrients from it and...The function of the urinary system is to clean the blood and make it free of metabolic wastes and...A type of life cycle in which alteration of generations occurs between cells with a single and...

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