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Introductory Chemistry 7th Edition

Introductory Chemistry - 7th Edition - by CORWIN, Charles H. - ISBN 9780321803214
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Introductory Chemistry
7th Edition
CORWIN, Charles H.
Publisher: Pearson College Div
ISBN: 9780321803214

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Book Details

Introductory Chemistry: Concepts and Critical Thinking with MasteringChemistry®, Sixth Edition is a comprehensive learning system that offers print and media resources as well as an extensive study area available in MasteringChemistry. Unlike other introductory chemistry books, all the materials are coherently integrated including the textbook, student solutions manual, laboratory manual, instructor’s manual, and test item file.

To help readers learn chemical skills and concepts more effectively, Corwin highlights the connection between key concepts and key problem-solving skills through critical thinking. Math and problem solving are covered early in the text; Corwin builds confidence and ability through innovative pedagogy and technology formulated to meet student needs. This revision retains all the strengths of the previous editions, while adding emphasis on conceptual understanding and critical thinking.

Introduction to Chemistry; Scientific Measurements; The Metric System; Matter and Energy; Models of the Atom; The Periodic Table; Language of Chemistry; Chemical Reactions; The Mole Concept; Chemical Equation Calculations; The Gaseous State; Chemical Bonding; Liquids and Solids; Solutions; Acids and Bases; Chemical Equilibrium; Oxidation and Reduction; Nuclear Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Biochemistry.

A useful introduction for anyone interested in learning more about chemistry.

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