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Student's Solutions Manual For Intro Stats 5th Edition

Student's Solutions Manual For Intro Stats - 5th Edition - by William B Craine - ISBN 9780134265353
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Student's Solutions Manual For Intro St...
5th Edition
William B Craine
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134265353

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Inspired by the 2016 GAISE Report revision, Intro Stats, 5th Edition by De Veaux/Velleman/Bock uses innovative strategies to help students think critically about data, while maintaining the book's core concepts, coverage, and most importantly, readability.

By using technology and simulations to demonstrate variability at critical points throughout the course, the authors make it easier for instructors to teach and for students to understand more complicated statistical concepts later in the course (such as the Central Limit Theorem). In addition, students get more exposure to large data sets and multivariate thinking, which better prepares them to be critical consumers of statistics in the 21st century.

The 5th Edition's approach to teaching intro stats is revolutionary, yet it retains the book's lively tone and hallmark pedagogical features such as Think/Show/Tell examples.

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