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  • The Interview On Educational Leadership

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    Educational Leader Interview The interview on educational leadership was with a principal of a high school, Nancy Johnson, who is in charge of about two hundred students. Out of the two hundred students, about sixty-eight percent of the students are Caucasian, thirty-five are economically disadvantaged, twenty-seven percent are Native Americans, and four percent have disabilities. Due to the high percentage of economically disadvantaged students, the district also receives federal funds to aide

  • Educational Leadership Analysis

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    The California Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELS) align the most closely with my own beliefs and opinions of what it means to have “great school leadership”. It is inherent within their standards that they have a strong commitment to cultural diversity and the use of technology as a powerful tool (CPSELS 2008). As a school administrator, I will strive to be an educational leader that promotes the success of all students, and I believe that this can be achieved by supporting and implementing

  • Educational Leadership Essay examples

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    Intro Many people in present day are trying to understand the concept and practice of leadership. The concept of leadership is equivalent to ensure the influence in school and manage the change and organizational structure. There has been the gigantic amount of literature lately about the school leadership. However, many people still misunderstand the concept of leadership. In order to learn the concept of leadership, people required to do more than reading just some literatures or fantasizing about

  • Educational Leadership: A Case Study

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    When referring to pages 73-74 of the Rebore (2014) text, specifically the Ethical Guidelines for the practice of Educational Leadership, I reflect on the points that highlight the positional power leaders have, and the manner in which that power is exercised. Reading Rebore’s (2014) descriptions of the various aspects of power, I was able to relate to a time in my career where I can honestly say I have encountered each and every one. As a young leader with the desire to grow in this profession, I

  • Personal Statement On Educational Leadership

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    supervision from which to guide future leadership actions. Assessment: Students will articulate a personal theory of instructional leadership and specify a personal, professional mission statement as a guide to socially responsible, ethical leadership behavior. Mission Statement “We are all in this together. Once we know that we are, we’re all stars and we see that we’re all in this together.” (Disney High School Musical, 2006) My mission in educational leadership is to strive to do my best in facilitating

  • My Interest And Choice Of Educational Leadership

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    Introduction My interest and choice of educational leadership emanates from my desire to play a part in the development of effective policies in the academic sector and help in improving the appropriate strategies to deliver quality education. The need for proper leadership skills in the educational sector is a requirement that ensures effectiveness in the school environment. The same need is also vital in the delivery of successful graduates that meet the requirements of the job market, innovation

  • The Educational Leadership At Greenland Pines Elementary

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    district or educational system. However, I am involved and Chair the School Advisory Council (SAC) of Greenland Pines Elementary. This opportunity granted me a unique opportunity to observe the management of two different principals with their individual leadership styles. Furthermore, I contrasted my business practices from my own company and military service to coincide with this case study. The purpose of this paper is a comprehensive written outlining the processes presented by the educational leadership

  • Educational Leadership Philosophy Statement

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    realized I still want to be a member of a classroom, a school and curriculum. I aspire to guide those leading our classrooms. Being an Educational Leader is where I have chosen to land. Educational leadership will often bring me back to the classroom, helping teachers, coaching students and planning curriculum. A master’s degree in Educational Leadership will deliver a fresh perspective

  • Educational Leadership : Palmer Lake Elementary School

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    Educational Leadership: Palmer Lake Elementary School Introduction Palmer Lake Elementary School refers to a public elementary school located in Brooklyn Park. The school has 678 students with majority being Whites and non-Hispanics. The teachers; population is between 40 and 50 teachers: 6 speech teacher, two reading teacher, 3 gym physical, two music teachers, 28 for regular classes, one media. Accordingly, the ratio of students to teachers is approximately 15:1. Each class has varying number of

  • An Educational Leadership Department At A Major Research University

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    Dayton and Shoto (2006) present a case study regarding an educational leadership department at a major research university, faculty members have become disgruntled as a result of a declining organizational culture fueled by a lack of leadership from an insecure departmental chairman. The department itself had experienced a long standing positive history within the university, and was a “cash cow” due to the number of credit hours, tuition funding per faculty, and local and state service projects