California Highway Patrol

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  • Narrative Essay On Driving

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    The lines was backed up all the way by the coolers. No time to take a 15 minute break. Finally, closing time was around the corner, and I was eager to get home to my bed. Excited to go home, I jumped into my 1996 Kia Sephia. I got to the 74 East Highway, which was a two lane freeway. Everything was going well as usual. Cars were passing me by at 60 miles per hour. Then, I felt something strange that was coming from the steering wheel. At the time, I just thought it was normal for a beat up car to

  • Quality Items For An Organization's Reputation

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    It is important to maintain Quality of their product because Quality items keep up consumer loyalty and consistency and reduce the danger and expense of providing defective products. Firms have things they must consider such as: Customer Expectations, their reputation, meeting company standards, and the most important one which is cost. Customer Expectations Your shoppers anticipate that you will convey quality items. On the off chance that you don 't, they will rapidly search for options. Quality

  • Death Of The Fallen At The Rancho 16

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    On June 25th, 2009, I was riding front passenger while my mom drove her red Ford Escape down Highway 111. All of sudden a another vehicle speeds up on the left of us while at the same time my mom change into the left lane. Trying to avoid our vehicle, the car spun out and rolled over. My mom briefly lost control, but manage pull over to the side. While the accident was non collision the car and my young mind were hardly unscathed. It was a weird day from the very beginning, my mom announced out

  • What Factors Affect Florida State Troopers

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    Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (Shinebourne, 2011) was conducted using a small sample of participants (Florida State Troopers) who work in Orange County. The sample, n=10, consisted of Troopers whose duties (Trochim, 2006) as Florida Highway Patrol Officers, entailed enforcement of the Florida DUI Statute. Introduction to the Problem According to Burns and DiQuiano (1987), driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime that contributes to approximately 9% of traffic-related crashes

  • Different Styles And Approaches Supervisors May Demonstrate

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    supervisor in law enforcement comes down to two things, having your subordinates back and being trustworthy. Lieutenant Mannion During my career with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, I had the honor of being assigned twice to the Executive Protection Unit (EPU), Governor’s Residence Detail for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. During my second assignment at the Governor’s Residence there was an election and a change in Governor’s. Governor Ted Strickland took officer and with the change came a

  • History of Law Enforcement Systems

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    The rule of law existed in the thirteenth century England. Maintenance of order, police abuse, and the rule of law also existed in the thirteenth-century England. There are many different types of agencies like county sheriff, city police, FBI highway patrol and more.FBI is more for a higher rank and they get paid more than just a regular city police. Recruiting better qualified people to serve as police .Each of these different types of authorities have their own responsibilities; the first police

  • Policing Functions

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    There are two agencies that come to mind when a person is thinking about the state levels of law enforcement. These two agencies are either the State Police or the Highway Patrol. The State Police have statewide policing powers for both traffic regulations and criminal investigations. The Highway Patrol also has statewide authority, but they concentrate more on the traffic regulations and non-traffic violations in their jurisdictions (Walker & Katz, 2008). Federal organizational

  • State Highway Patro Officer for the State of California

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    Marcel Bacon is a State Highway patrol Police Officer for the State of California. Marcel enforces the traffic laws for the State of California, assists with general law enforcement, and assists with other public safety agencies. Earlier in Marcel’s career he worked for the airlines and customer service. Marcel got involved in law enforcement because he enjoys structure such as discipline, and organization. Highway Patrol is a para military organization. The beginning of Marcel’s career was tough

  • The Different Levels Of Law Enforcement

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    The Different Levels of Law Enforcement in the United States There are three different level of law enforcement within the United States who penalizes citizens who violate them. These agencies include federal, state, and local law enforcement who conducts operation on different levels. Each law enforcement agency is assigned specific duties within their jurisdiction. In order to maintain peace and order within the United States law enforcement officers are called to duty to serve day in and day

  • Week 2

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    government and for protecting the president. Immigration and Customs Enforcement- enforces the flow of immigrants into the United States. INS agents deport aliens who break the United States naturalization laws. They are also responsible for the patrol of the United States border to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country. “In the 1990s, INS agents focused on the Mexican-U.S. border, where large numbers of illegal immigrants and huge amounts of illicit drugs entered the United States.