JPEG 2000

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  • An Efficient Distributed Arithmetic Architecture For Discrete Wavelet Transform

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    Department of ECE, P. A. College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi. 1 2 Abstract -- The JPEG 2000 image compression standard is designed for a broad range of data compression applications. The Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT) is central to the signal analysis and is important in JPEG 2000 and is quite susceptible to computer-induced errors. However, advancements in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) provide a new vital option for

  • Types of Image Compression for Medical Imaging Essay

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    Medical imaging, as we all know, is the process of taking images of various parts of the human body for diagnostic and surgical purposes. Some of the popular medical imaging modalities are X-ray radiography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Medical ultrasound, Computed tomography etc. Since, these images contain clinical data of extreme importance for treatment follow-ups and are acquired at cost of radiation exposure, infrastructure, money and time involved. Thus, once acquired, the medical imaging data

  • A Review On Effective Compression

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    A REVIEW ON EFFECTIVE COMPRESSION IN MPEG-4 VIDEOS USING MARKOV STATISTICS Ms.S.Bhuvaneshwari Dr.T.Gunasekaran.Ph.D., M.E(A.E),Dept. of ECE, Professor &HOD, Dept. of ECE VCEW VCEW Namakkal, India Namakkal, India

  • Essay on Lossy compression

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    ABSTRACT The requirement that no information be lost in the compression process puts a limit on the amount of compression we can obtain. The lowest number of bits per sample is the entropy of the source. This is a quantity over which we generally have no control. In many applications this requirement of no loss is excessive. For example, there is high frequency information in an image which cannot be perceived by the human visual system. It makes no sense to preserve this information for images

  • Digital Images And The Digital Image

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    In today’s world when whole world become digitized there is need not only to store and transmit data but security is also main concern i.e. transmission of data with high security. In earlier time there ware attempts to hide a message in trusted media so as to deliver it across the enemy territory[1]. In the modern time of digital communication, several methods are used for hiding information in any medium. There are many method one of such technique is steganography[2] in which digital images are

  • Steganography Is The Most Effective And Fastest Media For Communication

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    In this modern era, the computer and internet have becomes the most effective and fastest media for communication that connect different parts of the global world. As a result, people can easily exchange information and share information with the others via the internet. However, the information security requires the confidential data that needs to be protected from the unauthorized users. Steganography is one of the methods used for the secure transmission of confidential information. It can provide

  • D2: Discuss the Impact That File Format, Compression Techniques Image Resolution and Colour Depth Have on File Size and Image Quality.

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    will show print screens of different types of compression techniques, megapixels under image quality & resolution and three different types of colour depths. I will explain the reasons why some are larger compared to others. The format includes PSD, JPEG, TIFF, BMP and GIF. I will also go into detail why colour depths will affect the quality of the final output that the file has created. File formats: As you know, there are 5

  • Designing A New Low Complexity Approximation For Image Compression

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    ABSTRACT We focus on approximate algorithms for the computation of the 8-point DCT. While not computing the DCT exactly, approximate methods can provide meaningful estimations at low-complexity requirements. Prominent techniques include the signed discrete cosine transform (SDCT), the Bouguezel–Ahmad–Swamy (BAS) series of algorithms, and the level-1 approximation by Lengwehasatit-Orteg. All above mentioned techniques possess extremely low arithmetic complexities. These techniques have some defaults

  • The Importance Of Resizing In Cameras

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    2. Export the image as a JPEG file: • Ensure a high quality image, with a score of 11 or more on Photoshop scale (or equivalent). • The shortest side of your picture (the width for a portrait, the height for a landscape) should have a resolution of at least 3,000px. • The size

  • Image Optimization Case Study

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    A guide for Image Optimization for a website For every photographer, amateur and professional the only thing more important than your camera is your pictures. The same goes for designers, artists and generally every person who spend a significant amount of time and energy in creating beautiful and meaningful images and obviously you’d want to show off your creations to the world. Then comes uploading those on a website or social media to be shared generously amongst your clients, peers and friends