1.Do The Company Have Any Particular Target Audience?.

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1. Do the company have any particular target audience?
Ans: Yes, the audience is IT Companies majorly, and also, small businesses, homes, schools.

2. What behaviors and preferences do the target buyers have, if any?
Ans: The target audience behaves differently in each case. Companies prefer an upgrade to the existing system, or repairs, but homes and schools prefer new computers i.e. Replacement.

3. What are the marketing mediums through which the company plan to market their products?
Ans: Hoardings, Flyers, Radio and Website.

4. Do the company have any monthly sale targets to adhere to?
Ans: Yes, the company do have monthly sale targets and a sales / month tracker should be installed to monitor the sales.

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Services and repair department

1. How many individuals currently fielding service calls?
Two individuals
2. What happens if no one is present to answer call?
If no one is present to answer phone calls, they can leave a message and someone will get back to them as soon as possible. If call involves a high priority issue, the caller could contact the service technician supervisor via cell # provided on VM.
3. Is there a process in place for incoming calls received during lunch hours?
Calls received during lunch hours go to VM where caller could leave a detailed message. Supervisor is reachable via cell phone.
4. How are after hours calls to the service department handled?
After-hours calls are sent to the service supervisors’ phone for review. Supervisor reviews details of call, then places it in the respective technicians work queue
5. How is service technician assigned to service request?
Usually it is on a first come, first serve basis. However, if the call involves work that is a bit advanced, then the senior technician is dispatched.
6. If requesting service repair, what must an individual provide to the service personnel answering the phone?
Necessary details include Name of company, service location, and contact information, detailed description of the issue they are currently experiencing, and the product requiring

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