1. How Is Leadership Different Today Than 30 Years Ago?

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1. How is leadership different today than 30 years ago?

It was describing as an ability to control others. Now days, it describes as a characteristics and traits which allow the leader to effect the group.

2. Describe how leadership is a process and the variables that impact this process.

Leadership is process means it is steps start from the easiest to the hardiest. Likewise, leadership is a circle contained members of group and there is no top for this system.

3. Describe the differences and similarities between leadership and management.

Management is related to rules and doing the tasks. The successful manager who does exactly what he has to do.
The leader related more with the relations. The relationship between the leader and the members of
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Honesty, equality and devotion are the most effective ethics in the leadership.

7. Describe the aspects you would consider when developing your personal code of ethics.

I will focus on the equality; everybody has to have his chance to provide himself.

8. Discuss the relational aspect of the leadership process.
Effectiveness, charisma and group work are relational aspect of the leadership process.
Effectiveness means the leader has the ability to affect each member of the group to work for the group goals.
Charisma mans the leader has his own traits that allow him to lead the group such as planning, solving problems and time management.
Group work means the leader has the ability to work with the group. The relationship between the group has to be reciprocal. So, the leader does not lead the group; he works with them.

9. Describe the two primary methodologies one can use to answer a research question.

Answers for research questions have to be related to the question. Then, the answer has to be proved.

10. Describe the importance of conducting a literature review and its impact on the leadership
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