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4DEP Activity 1 & 2 Allys Parsons – 10716742 12th May 2015 The CIPD Profession Map - Core Functions The CIPD Profession Map is provided to give a distinct overview of the specific areas of business that HR personnel are concerned with. The map includes 10 professional areas, 8 behaviour areas and 4 bands of professional competence. The specific professional areas are defined by Bands which describe professional competence, with Band 1 being the entry level standard or those working in an administrative role up to Band 4 the HR Director and elaborates on the transitional constraints between moving through the bands and how their contribution and ultimate success is measured. As previously mentioned the map includes 10…show more content…
Learning and development 5. Performance and reward 6. Employee engagement 7. Employee relations 8. Service delivery and information The remaining content of the map are the 8 behaviours, they describe the attributes and knowledge that a HR professional should possess however some as more appropriate to certain specialised areas of the corresponding bands. Service delivery and information As part of my role I am responsible for service delivery and information within my organisation. In line with the map my activities within Band 1 would make me responsible for alerting my manager to service issues or customer complaints. I have to ensure that I gather all relevant information and provide this to my manager in order for the issues or complaints to be dealt with reasonably and efficiently. Another main factor of my role is to comply with the organisational procedures and legislative requirements. I have recently updated my organisations policies and procedures so ensure that they are up to date with the current changing law and make sure all staff are aware of the changes and understand them fully. The Knowledge that I would need to know as per the map would be the individual responses to change, people as enablers and blockers. The way this is achieved within the organisation is through the employee relations and continuous communication between managers, HR and staff. Maintaining the communication is important so that staff feel able to

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