A Research Study On Exercise Testing

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For this lab, 8 participants (7 female and 1 male) with a mean age of 20 years old were selected for exercise testing. The participant’s age, height (cm), body mass (kg) and the average amount of exercise (minutes) they participate on a weekly basis were collected before commencing the lab. The equipment used for data collection included: a cycle ergometer, a heart rate monitor, a stopwatch and Microsoft Excel. The 8 participants were split into 4 groups for the data collection process to ensure accurate data recording; thus, ending up with 2 participant per group. The participants were randomly assigned whether they would perform continuous or intermittent exercise following a crossover design of experimentation. The subject’s workload was calculated during experimental design and was assigned as follows: 240 W for males (3 kp X 80 rpm) and 180 W for females (2 kp X 90 rpm).
The procedures for this lab are outlined below to allow replication of the experiment performed. For collection of data, 2 experimenters were needed; one timed the experiment with a stopwatch and the other monitored the heart rate. Both experimenters relayed data back and forth. Before commencing the test, participants were instructed to warm up at 1/4 to 1/3 of their calculated workload at a moderate pace. After performing either one of the efforts, the participants were given a 20-minute rest period to allow adequate recovery for the next bout. During exercise testing, heart rate was recorded on a

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