Apple Intervention Strategies Recommendation

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Recommendation Structural Intervention Strategy Apple Inc. (Apple) is highly regarded as one of the most successful tech company that were established and founded in 1970s with a significant trademark creation product, Macintosh computer. Ever since, Apple has managed to take the lead in highly competitive personal computer and smartphone industry and creating substantial value by keep on innovating and creating one of a kind products that shown distinctive class in term of quality, attentive customer service and design styles. One of the factors contributed to the success of Apple in tech industry is its Human Resource department who did tremendous job in organizational development. As we know, Apple organization structure…show more content…
Technical Intervention Strategy Wearable technology has been identified as the next big thing in the tech industry and there is always be stiff yet dynamic environment in technology market. Apple has expressed its desire in indulging into this market by adapting its production line to this new invention technology. In order to compete with its rivals, Apple has extensively brought in state of the art hardwares and responsive designs to be instill into their flagship smartphone, IPhone. The introduction of M7 chipset into iPhones is the part of Apple’s strategy to induce wearable technology era exploration (Bradshaw, 2013). Besides, new products and markets always have a huge workforce demand with the appropriate working ability and expertise. Apple has spent much of its hiring practices on dealing with the employment of suitable work talent in order to establish a niche in wearable technology market. They came to realize that there will be a need for the future workforce to have adequate understanding on the technology in the attempt to maintain their competitive advantage in the market. For example, Apple has pursuit former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve to be recruited as fashion executive based on his years of experience in fashion industry and he is given the expectation to market the Apple’s wearable gadgets into fashion industry segment. As mentioned earlier, tech market is regarded as the most flexible and competitive
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