Apple Brand Essay

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Apple’s introduction of the iPad in 2010 was met with excitement. Sales for iPad tablets rocketed to over 250 million units sold by 2015. Apple is known as an innovator of new ideas and products; from being the earliest producer of widely used personal computers, mp3 players, cell phones, and smartwatches. Apple, with the iPad, was the first company to successfully mass produce and sell consumer friendly tablets. Every generation of the Apple tablet has brought new technology and innovation. The original iPad when introduced could take photos, play movies and music and wirelessly connect to the internet. Using the high visibility of its brand name the company plans to sell its 9th generation tablet, Ipad Pro, next month to a hungry consumer audience.

The apple brand in recent history has been held synonymously by its supporters as quality, innovation, sleekness, and, reliability. It is currently ranked by Interbrand, as the number one most valuable brand globally. It is important to look at the history of the brand to see how it has evolved and how it’s stayed the same. In 1977 Apple produced the apple II; the first user friendly personal computer that integrated color graphics and a keyboard. Apple has tried to maintain this “user friendly” ambiance around their products since with varied success. In recent history, from 1997 to the present Apple has been the “innovation” brand. They have maintained the user friendly company image while trying to integrate cutting

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