Australia And The United States

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Australia and the United States of America are two modern, democratic, English-speaking countries both initially settled by the British. Captain James Cook led a fleet of settlers and convicts into the Botany Bay in Australia in 1788. The United States declared its Independence in 1776, and fought a war with the British to obtain that independence. Australia began with a central government, then the states came about and, lastly, local governments came into being (, 2014). It was opposite for the U.S. Communities combined into territories and states, which eventually became the Unites States. Both Australia and the United States look as if to have similar systems of government at first glance. They are both federated nations, which means that the “power to govern” is shared between national and state governments. Both systems are bicameral, consisting of two chambers, with an elected House of Representatives and Senate. However, Australia is a constitutional monarchy and the U.S. is a republic. The similarities and differences between the two systems can be seen in their structure, their Constitutions, their elections of the heads of state, and their legislature.
The United States and Australia both have a Parliament that contains two houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the United States our Parliament is called Congress. Australia’s political system can be considered a mixture of the US and British systems. The parliamentary and
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