Case Study Domino Pizza

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This case study aims to examine the strategies and apply theories in relation to the company, Domino Pizza. There are four major parts throughout this study. The first part would be to describe the background of company’s profile. The second part is to do a comprehensive strategic analysis using the Porter’s Five Forces Model to discuss how the five key competitive forces are affecting the company in the Pizza industry. On top of that, Value Chain Analysis will be performed to determine the company’s organisational capabilities and other components. The third part is to discuss on the strategies and existing capabilities that Domino has used to strengthen its business as well as recommendations on future growth options.The final …show more content…

It is and American company founded in 1960s. It is located in more than 9300 locations in more than 65 countries.The menu varies with main and side dishes but its primary focus is pizza. The first menu expansion commenced in 1989 and that new product launch costs approximately $25 million. (Wikepedia).In 1973, Domino introduced its first delivery guarantee promising delivery within ‘a half an hour or a half dollar off’. Other introductions like the belt-driven pizza oven,new logo and decentralisation of operations led to the company’s growth. This continued in the 1980s as Domino Pizza opened its international locations in 1983 in Winniepeg,Canada and Brisbane,Australia. The revenue increased on a rather constant mode from 2006 to 2016 as shown in the figure 1 …show more content…

It operates 16 regional dough manufacturing and supply chain centres with each center serving approximately 300 stores and it has over 4422 international franchise stores around the world.(pg.89)

Their strategy to take some ingredients from the local market and get some imported helps them maintain the quality as well as low prices.



Healthier Alternatives:
To combat health awareness among consumers, Dominos is trying to change their dough by having healthier fats,which is done by incorporating more whole wheat into their crusts.the pizza toppings are also becoming healthier,and some pizzerias are introducing salads into their menus. For an example, Domino’s announced that its soft drink range will be all natural sugar free in June 2017. Fantastic channel network:
More than 9,300 locations in more than 65 countries.

Brand Recall:
High brand recall due to its regular advertising with taglines such as a ‘half hour or a half dollar off’. (pg 86.) Such aggressive marketing has created awareness and a promise for the brand in the

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