Case Study : Firm 's Performance Essay

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. Firm’s Performance 5.1. definition Kohlar (2013) defined Performance as generally applied to all organizational activities over a time period with comparing to the past period or to the planned efficiency, cost, responsibilities or the like. Therefore, it is not just performing but the total quality of results. Performance is an indicator to the organization success and compliance with standards. The word performance is originally derived from the word ‘’parfourmen’’, this word means ‘’ to do’’, ‘’ to carry out’’ or ‘’to render’’. In other words, Performance refers to executing, implementing and performing a given job against previously assigned standards of precise, cost, rate of execution and completeness. It is the achievement level of a certain task. Hofer (1983) defined performance as “a concept accomplished with the event being studied. In case of the firm’s financial performance, financial performance is the resulting change in financial results of the firm due to the management decisions and the effort done by the management and each member in the organization to implement these decisions”. The vast majority of studies are concerning about the determinants of performance and as an example, Kunkle (1991) articulated that the performance, strategy and industry structure are related by the relation P=F. The focus is the performance which is representing the dependent variable and changes with the variations in independent variables. So, the performance is

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