Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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In the world today, there are leaders everywhere, such as parents, Pastors, The President, CEO’s of companies, supervisors, and World Leaders just to name a few. A Leader can be good, bad, for or against an individual. A leader is also a person that sees projects and life through in order to make changes either in the mental growing aspect of one’s life, the economics of the world, or spiritual belief. The characteristics of a good leader are the leaders’ ability to inspire others, willingness to lead and integrity. The utmost important attribute of people is to be able to inspire others to evolve out of their normality by making one feel needed, and wanted. Furthermore, using tactics such as incentives and rewards can be offered. For instance, when employees are needed to contribute to a project, sometimes an incentive needs to be presented in order for them to consider the offer. The tool available to do this is called a bonus payout (Thurman, 2015). The other entity that can inspire others is the end of the year bonus, this will allow others to work hard in hopes to reap the benefits of a large employee bonus, for all the hard work that was contributed to the company that year (Thurman, 2015). A good leader can inspire others with his or her words. This is a method used by Pastors, Preacher, Rabbi, Priest and other Spiritual leaders. There words are used to give a sense of fortitude, that everything will be passable, just trust in God and he will see everything
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