Designing New Ranges And Collections

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A fashion design portfolio is a collection of samples put together by a fashion designer to show off his or her skills to prospective employer or fashion school. A typical fashion design portfolio should include fashion illustrations, an inspiration or mood board with textile swatches, flat sketches and floats. Research methods are the processes used to collect information and data for the purpose of making decisions, may they be in business or otherwise. The methodology may include publications, research, interviews, surveys and other techniques which may include both present and historical information.

Research Methods

The processes involved in designing new ranges and collections normally begin with researching and gathering information. Fashion designers have limited training in research and rarely conduct studies thus resulting in intuitive and subjective judgements. Contributing to such problems is the limited amount of time available to conduct the research and the heavy costs involved in designers gathering information.

As a result, research methods which can be used by fashion designers include trade shows, forecasting, publications, catwalk shows, directional shopping trips, cultural events, historic sources, music and media and the internet. In essence, designers need to draw upon a diverse range of information to inform their decision-making during the process of range planning and development. The type of product and the…
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