Differences Between Salesperson And Salesperson

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5.0 Similarities and Differences of The Views
There are some similarities of the views from the customers and the salesperson about the important characteristics of the salesperson. Based on the customers and the salesperson’s views, confident is the important characteristic of the salesperson. This is because confident is important for the salesperson to explain how the product or service is going to solve their customer’s problem and to fulfil their needs. So that, if the salespeople is confidently explain to their customer, they will believe in what the salesperson sell. As a salesperson, they must also be patient when dealing with risks. There are various risks that the salesperson may face as hard to get customers, external factors that affect sales and so on. Therefore, with the high confidence in the salesperson, they will surely
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Salespeople must be honest about the goods or services they offer. For example, salespeople must provide true information and true testimonials to customers. If they believe in the salesperson, they will be interested in purchasing the product. Honesty creates trust. When the salespersons are honest with their customers, they immediately begin to create a relationship of trust with them. So many people appreciate businesses for telling it like it is. The rapport that the salespersons establish with their customers in this instance will do well to secure future relationships. Of course, customers will always want to go back to the business that they trust. They will feel like the salesperson are not misleading them. Therefore, salespeople should not lie to customers by providing false information or testimonials. This is because, when a customer finds out about it, they will feel dissatisfied and they will certainly not be interested in the items offered and they will pass their dissatisfaction on social sites. As a result, it will affect the image of the
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