Does It Make A Difference When A Manager Is Around

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Does it make a difference when a manager is around, and should it?

Yes, I do believe that when a manager is around that the workers and the amount of work done changes. Should it change, this is where I say no because when it changes, this is where problems arise. Back to the first question, it does make a difference around because all of the workers are managing their impressions that look beneficial to themselves. They will do what is necessary to keep the boss happy, which leads most bosses to not worry about them because they assume they are hard workers. When the boss or managers are not around, the workers change, they are not as hard working, and not as committed to the task at hand. From previous experiences of mine, I have seen …show more content…

Since we did not see our managers that often, we worked as a team and trusted one another to run as a collective to get the job done. The system often ran without problems and made work a whole lot easier. The other main component of self-managing teams would be adaptability. Adaptability allows the teams to be interchanged with other personnel and allow it to continue to run smoothly. When your skills are at a point where you can do any job at any time, the need for a manager to control the situation is gone. The workers are able to do the job no matter the situation, and again trust one another for work. Lifeguarding taught me many skills, and one of the most adaptive work environments which kept me on my toes, and allowed my team and I to function in the moment.

Is the setting of Nick's Pizza one that would attract the "best" people? Why, and what helps or hinders that goal?

I believe that the setting of Nick’s pizza would attract the “best” people. In terms of best, they will not necessarily the fastest pizza maker or the fastest kitchen cleaner, but they will get the best for the culture. The best people for the culture will be the ones that do not turnover in an industry where 200 percent is common. Nick’s has developed this culture of where everyone is looked at as intellectual, and if they do not receive a job, they get a thank you note and a voucher. Nick’s is differentiating itself in the pizza industry, they are

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