Effect Of Narcissism On The Success Of Negotiations Essay

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Introduction: Park, Ferrero, Colvin and Carney (Park) conducted an experiment to study the effect of narcissism on the success of negotiations to determine whether narcissists are better negotiators. Park split negotiation success into two main parts, economic gain/loss and interpersonal gain/loss. Economic gain was evaluated by the number of points, out of four issues, that a participant had accumulated during the process of a negotiation simulation. Whereas, interpersonal gain was evaluated by the level of trust and liking that the participants had built over the process of the negotiation simulation. Park hypothesized that people with narcissistic personality traits would not only result in better economic outcomes in a negotiation, but interpersonal losses as well. Park’s hypothesis was broken up into three main parts; “…(a) narcissism would simultaneously predict economic gains and interpersonal losses, (b) participants’ empathic accuracy would predict negotiation counterparts’ trust evaluations, and (c) empathic accuracy would mediate the (negative) relation between participants’ narcissism and their negotiation counterparts’ trust evaluations.” (Park, 2013, Pg. 569) Park used multiple past experiments to help formulate the hypothesis and procedure of the experiment. Thompson’s Negotiation behavior and outcomes: Empirical evidence and theoretical issues (1990) was instrumental in determining the parts of negotiations, Economic and interpersonal, to investigate in
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