Effective Classroom : Teaching And Student Learning Essay

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Effective classroom manager have success in teaching and student learning. As a teacher, I will use these 7 positive classroom techniques in my classroom by (Allred, 2008); 1. Learning is Relevant: 2. Code of Conduct: 3. Teach Positive Actions: 4. Instill Intrinsic Motivations: 5. Reinforce Positive Behaviors: 6. Engage Positive Role Models: 7. Always Be Positive. The government, administrators, politician, communities, and department of educations utilize numerous of techniques to improve student learning and student proficiency in classrooms. They have worked together and through research to find ways that are more effective outside and in the classroom. Therefore, the first one is relevant. 1. Learning is Relevant: The four elements that support the idea that learning is relevant are active participants, tutoring process, differentiating instructions and differentiating related to learning styles. According to Piaget’s theories (as cited by Lemlech, 2010) states, that active participation, the students ' learn because the instruction has a connection. In other words, if instructions have no use or relate to something that will benefit, it is from one ear and out the other ear. It is like browsing the Internet or Facebook. You stop to read what you want to read. Also, Vygotsky’s theory states, that tutoring process raise the level of learning and development. By discovering students ' talents, learning styles, and interests, teachers can adjust teaching methods

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