Effective Leadership Essay

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What should aspirant leaders do to become more effective? Numerous articles and books have been written discussing and defining the role of a leader and what one should do in order to become an effective leader. Each author, leader or researcher will have a different perspective on which qualities should be embedded in a leader in order to make them stand out from the rest and be an asset to their organisation. The synopsis to follow reflects on different leadership styles, tasks and personal traits of great leaders. The aspirant leader should read this review with an open mind considering what elements they already possess and which should be extend, with an end goal to realise and master their own unique method of
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The hallmark trademarks of the authoritative leader are: vibrancy enthusiasm, clear vision, motivation, maximises commitment to the organisation, defines standards that revolve around the vision, Goleman (2000). The cause and effect of this style is that it empowers staff and managers to think outside the box and use their own initiative to further the success of the organisation.
The affiliative style according to Goleman (2000) “proponents value individuals and their emotions more than tasks and goals”. This style results in loyalty due to strong bonds, communication, sharing of ideas, it is more flexibility than the authoritative style and overflows with positive feedback (reward and recognition) Goleman (2000). This style should be used in conjunction with the authoritative leadership style, on its own essential feedback relating to poor performance and negativity goes unnoticed.
The democratic style focuses on spending time getting people’s ideas and buy-in, a leader builds trust, respect, and commitment. By letting workers themselves have a say in decisions that affect their goals and how they do their work, the democratic leader drives up flexibility and responsibility as well as keeping morale high through listening skills Goleman (2000). It does have it drawbacks in that if not used correctly results in procrastination through never ending meetings.
The pacesetting style has more drawbacks than benefits, in that it runs parallel with the
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