English: The Language Of The English Language

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English language is the most widely used language in the whole world and it is considered as the “language of the sea” so consequently, we aspiring seafarers should learn how to communicate properly using the English language. In MAAP, we are obligated to speak in English at all times so we could practice our English skills every day; which is very clever because once we go on board, we will work with different persons with different races which might make communication very hard especially if we can’t speak and understand English fluently. For instance, I was instructed to do something important in the ship but I cannot understand the instruction since I can’t understand English very well, it might be the cause of a fatal accident since miscommunication is one of the leading reason on why accidents at sea happens. On the other hand, it will also make …show more content…

Our whole class has learned some useful and interesting skills and numerous other things that we can apply in our daily life, especially as MAAP cadets. We have four major topics in our subject which is the library, reading, listening and writing comprehension. Mrs. Orbe, our English 1 instructor, has kept us engaged and interested at all times by using different techniques like using videos, PowerPoint presentations and music which makes our classes fun and exciting. For instance, she made us listen to some inspiring songs like “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston to improve our listening skills which kept us interested in the subject. It also helped us to enhance our focus because we should listen to it very attentively so we could understand the lyrics and message of the songs. We also learned to how to think outside the box because most of the lyrics are not direct to the point and we have to understand it more carefully so we will not miss the real message behind the

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