Ethical Leadership Is Mostly About Leadership Integrity. Discuss

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In the current society today, the roles that leaders play in an organisation are much more significant and are studied in greater depth. The importance of ethically managing an organization and leading the entire organization towards a similar purpose and message requires great leadership. With this, we would look further into the practice of ethical leadership; how it’s defined and attempt to provide a more comprehensive understanding of ethical leadership and it’s relation with integrity.
What is Ethical Leadership?
Firstly, Ethics is a philosophical term that is related to the prescription and description of moral principles that guides people’s behaviours, suggesting that there are “acceptable” and “unacceptable,” as
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In other words, this matrix has help to show that as much as integrity is important to becoming an ethical leader; we should not neglect the fact that it is equally important for a person to possess those qualities of a moral manager. Both forms must apparently exist given the obvious social responsibility and power a leader naturally possess. This point would be further supported as we move deeper into this topic.
Moving on, there are six key attributes that characterise an ethical leader. They are character and integrity, people oriented, ethical awareness, motivating, managing ethical accountability and encouraging and empowering (Resick, Hanges, Dickson & Mitchelson 2006). This further highlights the multi dimensional aspects required of an ethical leader, rather than primarily focusing on ethical integrity.
Ethical awareness is based on the moral philosophy of the consequences of decisions and actions. As Resick, Hanges, Dickson & Mitchelson (2006) states, it is impossible for a leader to act ethically if he is unable to identify the ethical issue present. This could bring about detrimental effect on perceived ethical leadership, even if the leader has ethical integrity.
It is also a requirement for an ethical leader to be people oriented and be aware of how their actions will impact on
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