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1. What factors have led to Janice Bowman’s current frustrations?
Janice Bowman joined The Garden Depot in 2005, after working as a general manager for one of the competitors. Although, Janice did not complain working seven days a week, she was concerned about the way the landscaping division was functioning. Some of the major causes of her frustration could be listed as:
1. Derek Sinclair: was the manager of the landscaping department & was unqualified for the job. He lacked the experience & skills needed to handle the responsibilities assigned to him. Thus, he demonstrated poor customer skills by not answering the customers calls
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Her doubts were confirmed when a sprinkler system went missing & the book-keeper narrated the story of how her friend purchased a state of the art sprinkler & got it installed at a cheaper rate, from a man named "Jayme". On expressing her concerns to Sinclair, he did not care to probe the matter ahead.

2. Consider the workplace culture at the Garden Depot. Is it contributing to the present problems Bowman is experiencing?
On assessing the work culture at Garden Depot, it is clear that there is lack of synchronization in the organization & there is inappropriate positioning of employees. This situation has led to a number of circumstances which have contributed to Bowman's worries. We can analyze them as:
1. Improper Recruitment & Lack of Training: Improper recruiting seems to be the major cause of mishap. The Depot recruits seasonal students who intend to leave in a short period. This causes quality & delivery inconsistency as they do not perform as well as a permanent employee. Unlike, an experienced senior employee, they constantly need to be supervised.
In addition to that, there is no proper guidance given to help these employees perform well. Since, there is a constant turnover of employees, it becomes difficult to train them. Also, training is
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