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There are seven key green marketing principles that will help green companies sustain. Why are green marketing principles so important? There are several reasons. One of them being that businesses can avoid accusations of greenwashing which is a term meaning to promote a company's products deceptively. Another reason is that ethically it is the right thing to do. Businesses should be promoting green and protecting and preserving the environments resources because we all use them. Finally, companies appreciate the reputation of a green company and may attract more business. The seven key marketing principles are responsibilities of the business, the social and economic impact of a business, business behavior, respect for rules, support for…show more content…
Starbucks, as well as other companies like Bank of America and General Electric, are making large strides in becoming green. If a company is capable, it should be taken advantage of. Companies who recycle and evaporate to name a couple of waste reduction activities should become the norm in doing their part of preserving the environment. Furthermore, cutting down waste and recycling often cuts down operating costs and benefits the company and the community. Avoidance of Illicit operations is one of the most challenging principles in business. The reason is; it is so easy to make immoral and unethical decisions. Rather it is taking bribes or evading taxes; it is common in business practices. For example, people are still using Enron as a perfect of example of unethical and immoral business practices with their accounting fraud, hiding debt, and trading millions of dollars in stock while pocketing the revenues. While raising awareness of avoiding illicit operations is important, it still happens on a regular basis. Green Marketing principles are important because it allows companies to satisfy the expectations of customers, shareholders, and their community. Furthermore, because of what Enron has done, customers and communities and place higher expectations on businesses to do the right thing. Also, being a green company is different than normal or traditional business. They have to practice what they preach and maintain throughout the longevity of the

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