Greg James

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jame Table of Content Introduction 3 Question 1: How well had James managed his global teams? 3 Question 2: Compare and contrast how the various teams see as the cause of the crisis? In your view, who is responsible for the HS Holding Crisis? 4 Question 3: What role did open work environment and diversity play in the case? How? 7 Question 4: What should James do in the short and long term? 9 Conclusion 11 Reference List 12 Team Distribution of Tasks: 12 Introduction Mr Greg James is the global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He is facing two major issues which are the company’s crisis and the global teamwork. So Mr James seeks help from the…show more content…
So he needs to have a plan before doing something. Mr Greg James needs to be fair with every team and make all the teammate from different countries comfortable socially. He needs to bring out a leader for each team and ask them to send him a report twice a month for him easy to observe all the teams. Mr James has to bear in mind that timely communication with team members is essential. As the global manager, he should establish a wider communication channel, video calling and telephone conference to strengthen the cooperation and integration. This will improve the frequency of communication that can better keep track the progress of work and ensure the work direction is always in an accurate way. The deviation could be soon remedied and Mr James can effectively prevent errors in work. The global manager needs to regulate a complete policy to strict discipline, establishing a formulate team’s rules need to refer to local laws and policies. It is due to cultural difference that the country’s general policies might not be accepted in other countries. There are other factors that must be taken in account such as the different time zone of each country and the global teams’ pay differentiation. The meeting arrangements are needed to adjust the time in advance to ensure all global team members are able to participate in. Pay could be transparent and discussion of any matters should be explained clearly and openly to avoid any
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