How Technology Has Changed Today 's Life

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Who can deny that we are reaping the benefits of living in a modern age? How many times have we heard older people talk about the good old days? However, when we examine the good old days, maybe they were not quite as good as they remember. Every generation has benefitted from the advances made by the prior generation to improve the quality of life during the current generation. Today’s generation is no exception. Developments in technology, health, living, society and culture in the United States has made life better for today’s generation.

Technology plays a big part of daily life in today’s world, especially in the States. It is difficult to imagine what daily life would be without computers, television or cellphones. Let us take a look at computers first.

Computers and the internet have become a vital part of our daily life for today’s generation. Both are used for the ability to access information, store data. To name a few options, the internet provides the option for bill paying, messaging, and accessing news as wells as obtaining current weather conditions. Skype even allows us to have instant face to face interaction with family and friends.

Today’s televisions have out grown the name television. They have become the family’s entertainment center. My grandparents remember growing up with a 12 inch black and white television screen with four available channels, which only broadcasted form 6AM to 10 PM. Flat screen televisions, LCD and LED,…
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