How Technology Has Changed Today 's Society

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The Rapid Change in Technology
According to Mail Online, the average person looks at their phone approximately 110 times a day. Whether it is to check a message, make a call, or check the time, 110 times a day seems a bit excessive. Primarily starting in the 1980s, technology has changed dramatically and rather quickly. It has changed from telephones to cell phones, computers to laptops, emailing to text messaging, CD players to iPod, and cable television to Smart TVs; technology is rapidly improving throughout the years. Over the more recent couple of decades, technology has completely changed today’s society. Not only has technology changed the way people communicate, it has also changed healthcare and work by keeping track of everyday data and expenses. Along with the way people use the internet to research any topic they want, technology has also improved the way people live their everyday lives; technology has taken over today’s society.
In the mid-nineties, before calling your friend to see if they would like to hang out, or texting your mom to let her know where you are, people communicated through sending letters in the mail. The 1980s had to have been the best decade for technology. As listed on the website “How Stuff Works” a page written by Marshall Brain, in the 1980s, camcorders were introduced, as well as fax machines, CD players, cell phones, portable phones, VCRs, video game consoles, cable television, and even answering machines.For example, if you were…
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